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When the two saddest forces in all of planet eath amalgamate they are referred to as "24". Their sadness extends beyond what is known to the average, normal human being resulting in excessive gooking for no apparent reason and also trying to buy a score. 24 are very friendly with GL, another sad, homo, wanna-be.
Freestyler 1: "So umm...you hear about GL's latest g00k event?"

Freestyler 2: "Yeah dude! he binged til' 3am!"

Freestyler 1: "Oh shit!"

Freestyler 2: "What?"

Freestyler 1: "Oh crap... shuddup, its 24!!"

-----Insert Pro Convo SAVE Here-----
by !ecyaG! August 12, 2008
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