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~RoA~ is a Travian alliance.

This alliance loves chicken.

Finger lickin' good.

We poke things with sticks.

Jon is gay.

Where is Galty's sister when you need her?
~RoA~ Tamilis: "If I could find a dress, I'd make him wear it"
~RoA~ Hektur: "I call it my dark passenger"
~RoA~ Hastatus: "death to the tree huggers!"
~RoA~ Hektur: "I vote Gio"
~RoA~ Giovanni: (facepalm)
~RoA~ Infantryboy: "I like herman Cain"
~RoA~ Infantryboy: "I like Rick though..."
~RoA~ Hastatus: "GAYGAYGAY!"
~RoA~ Infantryboy: "Sure"
by Coloursfly October 18, 2011
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