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Rocking Los Angeles,Real Lucifer's Army, Raza Latina Atakando,ReguLAtors.A Los Angeles based tagging crew.located in East Los and south central Los Angeles.
them foos from RLA will smash on haters
by regulate March 29, 2008
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Revolutionary Law Army - The best crew of hackers on the whole internet, they have been classed as a crew of "nothings" and "no-hopes" but you seriously wanna watch out for them cuz they can destroy a computer in seconds....
RLA will own your ass!!!
by $KYLIN3 September 16, 2006
Real Life Arsehole

Someone who by definition is a real life arsehole and not a pretend one. The person is always right, rejects criticism and has an answer for everything.
He is just being a RLA for no reason. My boss is a RLA.
by kidrock99uk August 24, 2010

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