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complicated name for a dirty and ugly slut is usually used in latin america contries

Allso the nickname of your ex-girlfriend

Allso a female-friend that doesn`t want a sexual favor..U_U

A person who doesn`t want to help you

complicado nombre para prostitutas comunmente usado en latino america

el apodo de tu ex-novia

una amiga(o) que no te da sexo

una persona que no te quiere ayudar

una ZS
Fuck Vic, Mariana doesn`t want to fuck with me she is so a zuripanta...

carajo juan, mariana no quiere trabar es tan zuripanta....

gus, sharon just leave me, she is a zuripanta

castro, sharon me dejo es una zuripanta

person1:hey would you give me a ride?
person2:aa man I can`t

persona1:me das un aventon
persona2:aaa no puedo

by C&V April 09, 2008

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