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An MP3 player primarily marketed toward Microsoft fanbois or for people who hate Apple. Although later models were decent enough, the launch product was crippled and ridiculed to the point where it poisoned the brand forever.

5 years later most people still haven't heard of it as it awaits cancellation by Microsoft.
Hey I read on ZDnet today that Microsoft will no longer be producing the Zune.

What's that?
by 07079 February 17, 2011
14 4
vulgar slang term for cunnilingus
I was so happy that my girlfriend bought me an iPad, I gave her a Zune.
by Won Valdez April 06, 2010
16 8
obviously the guy in number 10 bought one, and couldn't figure out how to turn it on.
the zune is going to give Apple a go for there dough.

Its screen is as big as the new nano
they cost 100 dollars for 8 gb
the apple ipod would be around 200 for 8 gb
it also has wi-fi, and isnt as easy to break as the ipod.
dont get it twisted though, the ipod is good, but the zune is better in my opinion
apple ipod 8 gb 250$
microsoft zune 8 gb 114$
by the knowing May 18, 2009
20 12
The newest form of mp3 player being released fall 2006 by microsoft. It is reported to have video funcions, a larger screen than an iPod, and wi-fi capability. Also two different plans will be available. One which is a monthly fee for unlimited downloads and free sharing of music with those of the same plan. The other is on a download to download basis. Also it is said that Microsoft will FOR FREE transfer all songs you have ever bought from itunes onto a zune. I can't wait!
I wish I had a zune to listen to.
by Ryan Stark August 11, 2006
86 79
a genital in French Canadian slang, or "fuck" for Hebrew
Me: Nice zune ma'am, it's bigger than my ipod
by Carloz800 May 31, 2009
9 5
Microsofts multi-media player. In the oppinoins of those who bought it, its better than an ipod. i have one and i love it! It started out slow in sales but its building itself up to apple. People who have zunes are usually educated and don't need to go with the crowd to think they are cool. they are independent and there zunes last longer than the horrible ipods.They alos usually listen to awesome rock instead of horriblr rap. Zune software is easier to use and they have better subscription plans for music. Zunes have radio, video, picture, music, games, and the ability to wirelessly share music and videos with other zune users. Zune is the ultimate device and it didnt copy ipods. it learned from ipods mistakes. how would it have copied ipod? just because it plays music? thats why apple usuers cant find try to find arguments against it but cant.
Me-Hey, my zune just got updated! AND I DIDNT NEED TO BUY A NEW ONE LIKE IPODS DO!

friend-really? wow. but zunes are gay!

ME-*reads friend the definition*

friend- Oh nevermind
by silentmusic16 July 29, 2009
13 12
The mp3 player made by Microsoft that's giving Apple a run for its money. I have one of these myself, and it's really good. I have the Zune HD, which is the newest model. Some people still have iPods for the convenience.
Zune marketplace is far better, because you only have to pay $15 a month to download anything and everything you want for free. TV shows and some LEGENDARY music still costs you a little bit of money, and not everything from iTunes is available. But it's at least better than paying $0.79-$1.29 per song.
Jon: Oh, hey, is that the new Zune?
Darren: Yeah, it's got great battery life, and a marketplace that doesn't rip you off.
Jon: Why do I still have this iPod?
by ExAxis November 26, 2011
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