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Wrapping a zucchini in glad wrap n shoving it up ur vagina.
While i was cooking dinner i did a zukiner.
by Pappa Joe January 09, 2005
the best way to pleasure yourself with a vegetable :)
Billy: what are u doing with that zucchini?
Sally" umm nuthing much....
by sally rishmondu January 10, 2005
a long vegetable that posesses the physical qualities of a male penis, wrapped in a clear plastic/latex covering, used in the art of masturbation.
*loud fucking noises (orgasmic sounds)*
papa joe: whats that?
betty: er...a cucumber??
papa joe: WTF! u crazy bitch!
betty: let me introduce my friend the cucumber...ur just not good enough...im gonna zukiner..u can watch though... :)
papa joe: OK then, u shove that cucumber up ur pussy. and im gonna find me some REAL PuSSi!
by papa joe January 10, 2005