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A curse word in Hebrew meaning "penis".It's uses are to imply that "hell not I'm not doing this".
some people add to the zubi curse word the word zareta after the name of the Spanish goalkeeper Andony Zubizareta.
This curse word can be companioned with a middle finger action.
"he thinks that I will give it back to him...ZUBI!!
"ZUBI that I will pay for her!!"
"Zubi Zareta that I'll give you a bite from my sandwich"
by Yohai Shraga August 19, 2007
A great tall man wondering the world in Arabic. It is also a word to describe a rebel youth, so they will say " this youngster is zu'bi" also in Arabic they write it with number three in the middle to distingusih it from other words Zu3bi.
Also refers to one of the biggest Arabic tribes in the fertile crescent or levent...The Zu'bi Tribe.
"Welcome Mr Zu'bi"
" this guy is zu'bi"
"he is from the Zu'bi family"
by Prudent February 10, 2010
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