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Pubes, Pubic Hair
God dammit man, I'm tired of cleaning up all these zubies in the bathroom.

Trim those zubies down there, there ricocheting all over the place.
#pubic #pubes #pubic hair #crotch #penis
by YA29 October 10, 2010
Zubys : (pronounced as if it were spelled "zubbies") breasts, boobies, titties, etc. Can be used to talk of female breasts as well as the less common appearance of breasts on fat, greasy males, better known as "man-boobs".

Origin : Eastern European street name, re-defined by touring musicians.
1. "Goodness, what large Zubys that girl has."
2. "That chap ought to stop guzzling donner kebabs, otherwise he'll grow a ripe set of Zubys."
by ekul June 10, 2004
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