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Also zooblet. A positivley derogatory term, often used in video games. Today's noob's are losing IQ points by the second and a new word is required. You will find zubernoob's asking such questions as to which button the parachute is, instead of simply reading the controls. They are also renowned for killing the only thing they can successfully kill... their own unsuspecting team members.

Originally coined by "L337_(YPl-l3R_l-l4X0R" for the "ƒ(2x)" klan to use freeley and indiscriminatley against these extreme noob's.
Example 1
zubernoob: gig5j03qflfm 'as;ldk;wopmfejkfjkn
normal player: 0.o
normal player2: What are you trying to say???
zubernoob: im tyin tu fend th parashut buton
Example 2
zubernoob: hahahaha i killed u!!!
team member: dude I'm on your side
zubernoob: but i got u ..hahaha
team member: zubernoob
zubernoob: whats a zu..*kicked from server*
by -L337_(YPl-l3R_l-l4X0R- December 16, 2006

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