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(Verb) To Zuber is to send a blank email, or to reply to an email without adding any text. Particuarly used when trying to send attachments to groups who block them, but not exclusively.
Source is a group that continually received blank emails from a member before banning him for trying to send artistic pictures of himself.
Note; Past tense may either be Zuber'd or Zubered.
(Noun) A Zuber: The resulting non-message of Zubering.
(Noun) A Zuberer: someone who habitually sends Zubers.
We've been Zubered again; some dude sent another blank reply.
I accidentally sent a Zuber earlier.
by jack63kids July 20, 2006
The ultimate in cool. A Zuber means one who is the most cool in any situation.
Dude! That guy is a Zuber. He is awesome!
by Zuber September 06, 2006