Baby girl name, in Arabic it means "God's Gift"

The most gorgeous woman you will ever have the honor of seeing...
It's Zoya but is she Rightly Guided?

Who Shows The Right Path is needed and then God's Gift may be Rightly Guided.
by Shoaib... August 02, 2011
The cousin of the russian princess Anastasia
The life of Anastasia's cousin Zoya was made into a movie and a book by Danielle Steel.
by zali April 12, 2006
The nicest and shyiest Pearson you will ever meet but once you get to them its like you started fireworks on the fourth of July
Our kid is going to be a Zoya when they grow up
by FifthHarmonizer :-D November 10, 2014
da finest girl on earth....
shes so fuckin sexy....
she looks like jessica alba and jeniffer lopez MIXED....except with sum tits..HUGE tits...
she's got a GREAT body, and an AWESOME personaliy...
and she lives in GA
babygurl, can i love you forever?
by trevon March 25, 2004
Slang for "son". Its usually used at the end of a sentence the same way "son" would be used. Used by Afghan people that are extremely outgoing.
What's poppin zoya. Let's hit up Jones beach.
Yo zoya did you see that new movie that came out?
by RACKOON January 03, 2011
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