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Zoup is soup. It's quite simple, Zoup=soup. If you don't know what that means, you have much to learn. Zoup!
Dude, you're so not zoup. Get away from me.
by Ross February 28, 2005
6 6
meaning "get away", "leave", "disappear", "exit"
1)Im bout to Zoup on dis hoe
2) Man i dont feel like being here at work ...ZOUP!!!
3) Did you see the reggie bush move he just ZOUPED!!! on em
4) When you at a resturaunt and you aint got no money....ZOUP!!!!
5)They was acting up in that club last night i had to ZOUP!!!
by Fastrec04 June 16, 2010
5 1
a mixture of semen and dick cheese (smegma)
Person 1: i could really go for a hot bowl of zoup right now.

Person 2: mmm mmm!
by The Hebrew Hammer. May 17, 2010
4 2
Said to express joy of accomplishment or victory.
(right after winning a hand in black jack)

by njp nick August 31, 2008
6 4
Crack. Pure Crack.
Yo dawg, that zoup you sold me last week was WHACK.
by Flippin Jack January 22, 2009
0 4