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A good Shakespearean-sounding curse.
Derived from "God's Wounds", which apparently was considered a vulgar reference to Jesus at the time.
zounds! I am undone!
by Moo August 25, 2003
n. English (elizabethan) abbreviation for "God's Wounds", being the nail marks in wrists and feet.

Euphemism for a swear word.
Sadly I have no example, but I read it in Shakespeare somewhere.
by Stu Savory December 02, 2003
One of the greatest anarchist bands of the 70's. They were signed to Crass Records and put out pieces of brilliance such as "Can't Cheat Karma" and "Little Bit More." They were not afraid to speak out on issues like fear, life as a squatter in 70's England, and wealthy complacence. One of the best, most underrated bands ever to have graced the Earth.
The Zounds could kick rock, rap, and emo's ass all within one nanosecond of their music.
by Honkeytard June 25, 2006
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