A swear word in Korean, meaning pussy.
Suck my zot!
Suck my pussy.
by dude September 04, 2003
Aussie slang word meaning to strike quickly.
I told him to zot the annoying fly with a swatter.
by Justin March 30, 2004
after a period of not showering, a person works up a sweat and then procedes to take two fingers and starting from the asshole, wipe upwards over the taint and up to the balls. The juice that is accumulated on the fingers must then be used to wipe under a foe's nose so that the smell can be enjoyed for days.
I gave George a "zot" because he is a dick
by Murph McGirt December 09, 2003
A scacatalogical reference to a person as a penis, or a person playing with his penis
"That guy is a Zot" or
"Go smack Zot"
by JADP September 29, 2006
a type of candy that fizzes in yo mouth..originally from canada or some other nowhere place, this definition is no well know
they jacked some zots from the ontario grocery store
by couch March 01, 2005
One of the many sound effects a rare species of nerd uses when speaking. Often accompanied by "POOOOOOOOM!" "RAAAAAAAAWWRRR" & "GGGUUUUUUUUUUUUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!".
Said nerds are often homosexual, and should be avoided like the plague when confronted with advances.

*see www.slashdot.org for more information.
"I like it in the ass, ZOT! GUUUUUUSSSSSH in my mouth! RRAWWWWRRRRR!!"
by Teh dooshbag english teacher April 07, 2004
Onomatopoeia for that sound when you have been touched by personal tragedy that is funny to everybody else.
"Zot!, Bubba...that looks like the repo-man towing away your Trans-Am with your coon dog in the back seat." Or, "Zot, that had to hurt, Leon...I ain't never seen a framing hammer turn a thumb purple that quick."
by harry flashman August 20, 2003

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