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Verb. Suddenly disappearing from a social event (ie: party) with no notice or explanation. A zooker is usually performed late at night after ingesting too much alcohol or other mind altering substance. Term orginated in Central New Jersey area.
As in "Where did Mary go? She must have pulled a Zooker." Or "Hey guys. Sorry I pulled a Zooker last night. I had to get out of there."
by jenbro March 09, 2009
a person who is unfashionable; a freak; a wierdo
He was wearing a plaid hat that had rabbit fur ear flaps. He looked like a zooker.
by Norgib January 16, 2009
Someone suffering from drug abuse and depression. Usually throws tantrums and is unstable in public. Having very little social skills.
Jeremy - Wow what happened to Eman, he wasnt like that a few years ago

Eric- Yeah he turned into a zooker. Its all the drugs.
by Johnthestuddmuffin November 01, 2011
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