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Teeth, especially false teeth. Often used by grandparents in the early 1970's.
Grandpa said he needed some denture adhesive to keep his zoobies in.
by Jimmy Jinglebells June 21, 2010
used in A Clockwork Orange.
But Dr Brodsky had a loud long smeck (laugh) at that, showing all his white zoobies.
by nicholeeee December 01, 2006
An attractive younger person.
(Senior)-Theres this guy evan( a Junior), he is so hot but he is a zooby!
(Other Senior)- i know a zooby named evan too!!
by JadeTheSeaHorse/SexySloth1000 October 26, 2011
Any movie, show, or game with zombies and boobies
I'm going to see this movie? Guy says, "why"? Zoobies. Guy says, "I want to see it too".
by jbeannie05 July 18, 2012
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