a confusing and chaotic place
The demonstration turned into a zoo so quickly.
by The Return of Light Joker February 24, 2008
Short for zoophile, which means one who has a deep emotional attraction to animals and may prefer them to a human as a companion/sexual partner. Different from bestialists in that they have compassion for the animal.
Chris is a zoo; he even brought his dog with him to Wendy's.
by true zoo March 14, 2007
A place to go to see exotic animals for a small fee.
I went to the zoo and saw a bear.
by Jequita the Awesome January 28, 2008
A place for people to stare at enslaved animals.
by my name is not jayden February 23, 2011
1. A person who is an absolute party animal and/or a complete drunken mess.
2. A house or location that is just a wild party.

May be altered to personal preference;

eg. zookini
"Man, you were a fucking zookini last night"
"That party last night was a god damn zoo."
by thongerrr November 16, 2011
The United States Air Force Academy. Generally referring to the act of visitors (*$(#@ tourists) standing on the elevated wall near the chapel and looking down on the cadet area, like people at the zoo looking into the pit where the poor animals are kept.
Are you Academy or ROTC?

I went to the zoo.
by devylish June 29, 2009
When something or someone is just off their game in every way.

Synonyms: hot mess, actin a fool
Man you're such a zoo today, pull it together before we get there.

Hayle, you're always the biggest zoo anytime you drink!
by skram24 August 31, 2014

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