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(adj.)1. describes a state of mind, usually one of great concentration (n.)2. object of influence that heightens or helps evolve an already focused state of mind.
i was drawing and feeling zoney, the music that i was listening to was perfect for it. the music i was listening to was ultra zoney, i was able to focus all my energy on the piece i was making.
by glassattack November 12, 2009
Scouse slang for a Saveaway, or other all-day travel pass.
I get three buses to work.
That must be expensive.
Yeah, but I get a zoney so it's ok.
by iSplodge December 15, 2011
A place that contains a lot of zones
France became a zoney place after Napoleon and others split it up during the French Revolution
by Somebody you dont need to know March 26, 2008