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An awesome way of taking the mick out of the populars at school. Personally, I like to wait until they start ohmigodding (which they do on a surprisingly frequent basis) and then I leap up behind then out of nowhere and start shouting (in a completely crap french accent) 'Zomigod, oui! Zomigod! ZOMIGOD ...' etc.
Popular 1: ... so are you two like dating now?
Popular 2: Yeah, we're so ... ohmigod! Ohmigod!
Popular 1: Ohmigod ... what?
Popular 2: I broke a nail! Ohmigod!
Me: Zomigod ... zomigod!! ZOMIGODDING-GOD INDEED, ouioui? ZOMIGOD, what to do ... what to do? Ah, zomigod ...
*Populars 1 & 2 run off screaming*
Me: Mwa ha ha.
by killthepromqueen July 06, 2006

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