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1.The combination of zomg/omg,wtf and bbq.
2. Used to express exaggerated emotions like joy, pain, pleasure, confusion, anger, etc..
3. Commonly mixed up to show mixed emotions.
Guy 1: i kiLLeD jOO foo!! haha!!11

Guy 2: ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!11 AMAZING. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!111eleven
by Cybit April 08, 2006
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Used to express extreme and over exaggerated emotion; mostly for comic or ironic effect.
Zomgwtfbbq, that movie was so awesome!

Zomgwtfbbq, I told you not to sleep with my grandma!

I totally zomgwtfbbqed when I ate that burger.
by McSpankenstein July 25, 2010

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