ZOMGY (¬O_o)¬ is an ASCII used when the OMG is so big it could take over the world.

ZOMGY originates from ZOMG sometimes argued to be a typo, or to give extra emphasis. It is sometimes argued to stand for "Zombie Oh My God". ZOMGY may have orriginated as a typo of this.

ZOMGY's mission is to take over the world of smiley faces. He has been used as a forum signature, with captions such as "Help him take over the internetz".

Army of ZOMGY - When the person is so overwhelmed, that they feel the need to clone (copy+paste) their ZOMGY into an army to annoy the reciepent.
ZOMGY!!!!!! (¬O_o)¬
by Lemony-Emily August 05, 2010
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