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1. Usually intended to confuse people or be very random. often used when bored, left out, or to be sarcastic.
2.zomgburger is a burger made of zombies.
3. Zoh my god, it's a burger!!!!
4. a burger that zombies eat.
ex. 1

Person 1:"Like, i knoes!!!! i saw it too! lolz!"
Person 2: "i knows, right? It was like really cuuuute!!!! But--
person 3: ZOMGBURGER!!!!!!


"let's go get some zomgburgers, k?"


Bob:"i'm uber hungry arn't u?"
Fred:"yeah, i could go for a burger..."
*burger appears*

Zombie:"Braaaaaiiinnssss---i mean....zomgbuuuuurrrrrgeeeeeeerrrrrrrr........"
by Diepiedie December 01, 2009
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