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the best website ever!
by boobah March 23, 2004
After smoking two to three bowls out of an otherwise epic sesh, they begin to gradually slip into a state of comatosis. While the rest of the group is stoned as fuck and having a great time, the zombo will wake up when the smoking method is passed to him, take their hit and then proceed to fall asleep.

The zombo will forever claim to not being zombod the entire time despite the fact they clearly were. They will claim to have heard what everyone just said but refuse to recite it.

Time has no bearing on the zombo, only weed. Immediately following a maximum of three bowls the zombo will begin to nod off and slip into unconsciousness as early as 4:30.

The zombo is an epidemic which must be defeated. Beware if anyone in your group of friends contracts this deadly disease. In fact, cut off all contact with them, for they will never be the same.
Everyone - "Matt LeDrew out of Oshawa, ON, stop being such a fucking zombo!"
Matt - ".........I...I was not shut up!"
by Disciples of Bjorge Slammin' December 10, 2009
Someone who acts tired, almost as if they smoked too much weed back in the day. Gets excited when talk of women, grind dancing and anal sex arises. Use to be excited about the clubs but is now walking in a zombie state. This word came out of Victoria, BC.
Dude, quit acting like a zombo.
by mad_dave November 18, 2008
A zombo is the only kind of non-hostile zombie that is a combination of a zombie and a hobo. They do not require human flesh for sustanance. They only require pocket change. They are completly harmless unless you don't give them money.
random guy 2: No, wait, it's, alright dude, it's just a zombo.
*Zombo holds out a plastic cup*
Random guy 2: thar ya go buddy!
*random guy 2 throws some small change into the cup*
*zombo stumbles of in search of more change*
by BACON STRIP February 14, 2009
It has been tried and tested and results have shown this site is as/or even more addictive than H.
God (cuntess): Yo u want to do some H?
Jesus (cunt): No way, im already hooked on
cuntess: Sucks ass, wonder why i ever mad that site
cunt: That was me!!!

welcome to zombo com
by GOAT FUKER February 25, 2005
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