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Original describing the sound that zombies made in, primarily, RPG style games; this is now used as a word for any zombie-like creature. From a portmanteau of zombie and possible grumbles or gurgles. Can now also be applied to various other undead/mythological characters eg. gobbles for goblins.
Oh god I hear zombles... wait... They're eating my legs!
by EnderDom February 24, 2011
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A combination between a Zombie and a Womble
Oh my gawd! The Zombles are coming to get us!
by -Makanovy May 30, 2011
An adjective, used to describe something awesome.
A synonym of rapecat.
Dude, those t5 shoulders that just dropped are just zombles.
A word commonly used to refer to zombies in a game of Exo zombies.
The creator of the word is Charly Steel, yet this is a phenomenon that's sweeping the Zombles community.
Holy fuck m9, there is a hoard of cunty zombles coming in our direction.
by ZombleKing January 28, 2015

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