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A genre of metal music created by the band Forgetting Skaro. This genre involves the lyrics being said with low grunts and screams, similar to that of a zombie. The genre also commonly does not contain any music, drawing focus to the vocals.
"These vocals are great, is this metal?"
"No, Kirsten. It's zombiecore."
by zombiecoreyumbut October 24, 2012
Any type of music that has lyrics in reference to zombie's. ZombieCore is mostly a derivative of punk and/or hardcore. Zombiecore was mostly popularized with the band "Send More Paramedics". It is a growing niche of music, sure to confuse people who can't tell the difference between emo, screamo, hardcore, and death metal.
HighSchoolKid1: Hey, i'm in the mood for some zombiecore.
HighSchoolKid2: Well right-o, let's have a listen.
by Icthus_SN December 04, 2006
a style of music wich is a combination of 80s thrash metal and hardcore influenced by zombie b movies this is defined by the band send more paramedics they are zombiecore
when send more paramedics do reviews or walk on stage they describe themselves as zombiecore
by greg farley October 12, 2005
A very silly name for a music genre, which is defined either by the band dressing like zombies, or by the band writing their material heavily about the undead, mainly influenced by 80's zombie B-movies.
Send More Paramedics describe themselves as zombiecore.
by In_Shadows_Growing_Wings November 22, 2004
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