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A)Any extremely stupid person who, if a zombie invasion occurs, will be screwed and eaten alive
B)A friend that you sacrifice......... to run like hell
A)Jim: man what is soo good about zombies? i can take a thousand of them bare handed
bob:yea go for it zombait

B) *bob throws jim into a large oncoming mass of zombies*
by someguywholikespie October 17, 2006
A mash of the words "zombie" and "bait". Meaning one or more persons who act as a decoy for a faster more nimble Human in the game of Humans vs Zombies (HvZ)(not usually seen as a fair move from zombait perspective). A Human may use zombait in order to get to a safe zone and temporarily avoid Zombification. Singular and plural form is the same.
Hey slowpokes! Be my zombait while I beat you to the safe zone!
Haha! The Zombie totally went after some zombait while I got away.
Phew! Thank goodness that zombait was there, or I'd be zombified by now.
by ThisWordHasBeenCoinedAsMine October 24, 2011
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