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A Zomar is a tall, intimidating creature. They are extrememly good athletically, and can crush you in an instant. Also, they are super opinionated. However scary a Zomar may seem, to those they love they are kind, funny, and caring.
1: Where'd you get that black eye!?

2: A Zomar hit me.
by eatyourpb&j October 13, 2011
1. To be an awkward and socially strange individual

2. To be an individual confused with reference to their

identity;generally in the form of a Caucasian male

appearing to look and act in ways similar to a afro-

american/canadian "urban" male.

3. To break into a deep manly voice when quoting any

" Hey I was walkin through Aldy last night and i'm pretty sure I got zomed..dude just came outta nowhere and started telling me about some football game"

"Yo i was at a a party last night and some zomar walked up to me and just stood there looking at me...not saying a single word"

Spoken by a true "zomar":

" Dude last night some chick walked up to me and was like (cue deep manly voice) "Hello how are you doing". So I just told her straight up..I was like (deep manly voice) "bitch I don't even know". "

" Dude I was watching George Simmons' workout video last night..dude was like (cue deep manly voice) "step up, and down, step up, and down, thats right ladies work those glutes"
by m_bains February 01, 2010
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