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a free spirit. simply amazing. zoeys have huge hearts and are friends with everyone, as if there beauty isn't enough. zoeys can steal your heart with one look and you will be hooked for life. they have personalities like you have never seen, she is a hardworker and very responsible, takes nothing for granted and cherishes those close to her. she is funny, kind, caring, ambitious, strong, gorgeous, and loves all. if you have a zoey in your life, keep her close and never let her go!
zoey is perfect.
by blahblah87 March 20, 2013
Zoey is the nicest person you'll ever meet. She is a really beautiful girl and she will always make your days. Even thou Zoey is lazy and doesn't want too go out and do anything she's a really cool person too hangout with. Zoey is everybody's dream girl she's perfect in every way. Her future boyfriends name will be Andrew. :)
Zoey and Andrew should be together because they would make the cutest couple ever. Andrew would treat her like her princess and make her his everything. Andrew will always make her happy and make her days.
by Andrew flores March 20, 2013
Really hot, sexy, and almost always talented in some way. A lot of the time she prefers a small group of friends. Guys, if you know a Zoey, don't be afraid to say hi. She is nice to everyone when she doesn't get annoyed.
Guy: hey, I've never seen her before. Dayummm she hot.

Friend: you should talk to her, I hear she's really nice. She's a Zoey.
by unknown37472 December 01, 2013
exclamation; usually used to imply desperation or yielding to an offer.
ZOEY - I'll fix the goddamn computer for you!
by squash lemming April 02, 2006
In certain cases, also refers to an outsider who makes it clear he/she's an outsider, going as far as to make fun of the outsiders to make him/herself look more outside. Will use false accusations and stereotypes to fulfill this. Has no reputable evidence or proof, facts are lacking, and he/she sounds like a total imbecile doing it. For excellent examples, see canonite and nikonian. Another good place is to do some research on where CONTAX rates (and why you don't ever see new Contax cameras, hmmm, wonder what happened. Did the copy machine company stop making them?) compared to other companies.
"I almost feel sorry for that Zoey person, he/she's made a total ass of themself, even going so far as to bash Leica. You almost have to have pity on the poor soul, they think they're professional! Come sit with me and point and laugh!"
by Deus April 05, 2005
The misspelling of the name "Zoe"
"Hey your name is Zoey right?"
"That's spelled Z-O-E-Y, right?"
"It's Z-O-E"
by Baisouzen January 06, 2009
The wrong way to spell the name Zoe. Spelling it Z-O-E is much cooler.
I.M. Conversation:

Stupid Person: "Hey Zoey!"
Zoe: "It's actually Zoe."
Stupid Person: "Oh!"

Next Day on I.M.:

Zoe: "Hello."
Stupid Person: "Hey Zoey!!"
*Zoe Has Signed Out*
by sillygirl1221 June 24, 2009