exclamation; usually used to imply desperation or yielding to an offer.
ZOEY - I'll fix the goddamn computer for you!
by squash lemming April 02, 2006
Top Definition
SweetHeart, Sweetest Person. Very Kind and Loving. Always trying to get along with everyone.
Zoey is so Sweet. I <3 Zoey!
by KyKy July 14, 2003
AN amazingly gorgeous woman, talented, beautiful, inspiring, a woman without limits to her ability to love. Known for her humungous heart and her sexy figure she will conquer the world without problem.
She is a true definition to perfection, beauty, love, and sweetness.
Pure ownage.
A miracle to be treasured she should never be taken advantage of or for granted.
The builder of my heart and the keystone to my soul.
Zoey Zemanek the skater, the baker, the perfect girl.
by <3Lion February 07, 2010
An awesome, fun-loving girl who can always make you laugh. Is a great friend and can get you through hard times. NOT a boyfriend stealer. Really pretty and likes to talk. Does not like annoying people, they give her headaches. Really good at math and a very fast worker. Likes to text and go on facebook. You could never find anything bad to say about her.
Zoey is soo nice, she is such a good friend. I can never say anything bad about her. She is so awesome.
by RosenWolf December 04, 2011
A cool, sweet girl,pretty,funny and an amazing person to be around!! Once you get to know a Zoey you will never let go of her!! She is smart too!! She is so so fun and you would love her so much,she never lies unless it's for a suprise party or something thats suprising!!You would never get bored of her and you would want to be stuck to her!!!
Girl:Guess who that is?

Boy:Is that Zoey?


Boy:I wish she could be mines.

Girl:All boys do!!
by Zoey/Silly November 03, 2012
The more awesome CORRECT spelling of Zoe
Zoey is usually sweet and kind, very talkative, and super protective of her friends. She's not the most romantic person, and doesn't need a boyfriend to make herself happy!
Sub. Teacher- Okay, let's start, Zoe Ledford?
Zoey- Here!
Sub. Teacher- How do you spell that? Z-O-E?

Zoey- No, Z-O-E-Y
Sub. Teacher- Okay then!
by Alexia&Zoey December 06, 2012
also known as Sweetz :) a real hunni with the wit and charm to boot :P
by KittenFish September 08, 2003
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