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moderator of the panic at the disco boards.
he is definately NOT the best moderator out there
most people wrongly like him.
"holy snap, znoby just made a contest that i won but he never gave me my prize! what a jerk!"
"OMFGZ, znoby is online but wont answer my pm"
"znoby never lets us change our names"
by the boardie February 18, 2008
The WORST moderator that has ever existed.
Known for banning people for nonsensical reasons.
He's a sarcastic meanie bobeanie.
And he should be sucked into a supermassive black hole and never see the light of day ever again.

"ugh that failtard znoby just banned a bunch of awesome people but he NEVER does anything about spammers."
"znoby hasnt let me change my name since i signed up"
by Dylish Benanas April 18, 2008
the most amazing person ever.
god of the panic boards.
ULTIMATE moderator.
a lovely human being. :].
"OMG, znoby just changed my bn.HOW SWEET!"
"Wow, znoby is such a god. How can somebody not love him?"
"Why can't every moderator be like znoby?"
by Nicole/Cassie February 16, 2008
Panic At The Disco Message Board moderator. Believed to be one of the four PATD band members - Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith or more commonly Jon Walker. Though sources are now leaning towards Zack Hall.
"Who do you think Znoby is?"
"Maybe Ryan? That's what ____ said."
"No way, it has to be Jon. Everyone says so."
"Both wrong. It's Zach. It makes too much sense not to be."
by PATD Fan October 10, 2008
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