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"Press Z to talk" lol.

From old games that used Z for general or private chat channels, used by someone with a slightly too heavy keystrike, producing an extra Z.
Player 2: zlol
by MEversberg II May 17, 2006
the opposite of lolz. something that is unfunny can be reffered to as 'zlol'.
That is not funny! that is zlol!
You are so zlol!
by perminator June 25, 2009
ZLOL. Derived from ZOMG. Gamer term for zombies laughing out loud OR zombies, laugh out loud!

One can be a zloler, zloling or have zloled.
Gamer A: "Oh my godd! It's in the sock drawer! It's eating him! ZLOL!"


Zombie: "This is a good party we're at."
Zombie b: "Yeah! Look at Sharonzombie, her dress doesn't match her shoes!"
*ZLOL ensues here"
by NumNumZloler December 06, 2010
Simply "lolz" with the Z switched to the beginning. Pronounced zlol. Originated from Turalyon realm on WoW, as begun by Teeferbone.
Oh my god a woman in Miami just put a baby in the oven!11 Turn on CNN!

by Mileslivingston January 13, 2007
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