1. A tight.
2. A raised truck, flames, skulls, flaming skulls, other stuff related to inland.
3. 9 ballers
4. Something Bad.
5. Brother & Shamoo the whale
7. People who say the Pier's, The Strand's, Bolsa's, and Newport's.
Omlet-Wow, that kid is zite.
J-Raf- Yes he and his big gay truck are ZITE!
by The King of Z March 06, 2007
Top Definition
A dumbass. A fag
Dude, that jerks such a zites
by centralrams March 21, 2011
Small pimples filled with pustules and dead skin that line peoples faces. They can be found in large clusters.
by Marckell March 25, 2014
1 - A web site that sucks. A 'Zit' on the Internet. A place you'd love to squeeze until it blasts itself into oblivion.

2 - A web site that's no longer accessible. A page that's been destroyed by intense pressure. What's left after the 'Slashdot Effect'. A site that's been so over loaded, there's nothing left but a greasy smear on some mirror.
You see that stupid zite posted on digg?

Your homepage became a zite after being published on Slashdot.
by Zotter April 09, 2008
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