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a hairy person who is still sexy
Man that guy is zirkle
by tcl244225 May 02, 2008
v. to meet a girl and coerce her into a relationship, all in under 5 days
I'm gonna zirkle that chick in my Astronomy class bro.
by TheMustangWay August 21, 2012
1. An Ethiopian nipple; One that is dried, cracked, barren, and overall unpleasant to the eye or whatsoever sensually.

2. Something dried, shriveled, and practically useless.
Example (1):
Guy 1: Hey man, you gonna hit that?

Guy 2: Hell naw! The girls got zirkles!

Example (2):
Girl: I'd do him, no lie.. but I heard he's of the "zirkle" variety.
by R3D R()CK3T November 06, 2009
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