King of the douche-bags at a little known, but well loved site known affectionately as SUF, (or pre-Blinxx flip-out, SPUF.)

Zips is a man-boy who gets sexual pleasure from mindless adherence to minutia in the rules and the striking lack of a soul or the absence of logic and feeling.

He's been known to ban people for farting too loud, jaywalking and even having a sense of humor.

Never question Zips. It only makes him angrier.

Since his modship at SUF is the azimuth of his lifelong achievement, (not counting the time he wanked it five times in one afternoon to the same manga,) and since he's destined to live out his life alone and without anyone who will love him, people generally put up with him much like you put up with a retarded puppy who repeatedly shits on the rug.
"Zips is really a fucker."
"Yeah I know."
by Hewood Jablowme October 05, 2006
A word used in the 60's to refer to meth amphetamine
Hey man, can you get any zip?
by tonto March 12, 2005
Vietnamese, a Vietnamese. Perjorative and bigoted term used by American soldiers during the Vietnam war. May have originated as an abbreviation of the expression 'zipper-mouth.'
"Nothin in the vil now but dead zips."
by Mogo the Mugger March 24, 2006
An extension for compacted files.

A useful numerical code that traces the city and state.
by larstait October 11, 2003
The accumulated time from pausing live TV on a DVR
How much zip do we have on this show? Zip past the commercials.
by TowerKendy August 26, 2011
taking a zip from someones drink. like a sip, but not really.
i took a zip from my friends drink.
by HucPhe June 20, 2009
The years in which we're now (00-10) or the 00s.
A lot of neo-words were suggested to describe the decade we live in right now, but many of these weren't as good as the zips.
Here's a list:
-the earlies.
-the beginnings.
-the peacefuls.
-the tookies (from 2Ks: Years 2000).
-the ohs/ oh-ohs.
-the zeros.
-the aughts/ aughties.
-the naughts/ the naughties.
-the the 00psies/ 2000-psies (resounding the dot-bomb effect!). Also: the dooming 2000s.
-the oozies.
by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007
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