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When someone answers the question at the same time you ask them, similar to a jinx. Instead of sodas, whoever yells zinx first recieves an alcoholic beverage from the other person.
As Sam asked Kal "So are you going out tonight?" ;he said "But, I'll be going out tonight." Kal exclaimed "zinx, you owe me a drink!"
by EricOhYa123424 June 01, 2016
Another word for asian. As in chink, nigger, beaner, wigger, or oreo.
That zinx is helluh fine!
by Chad Lee March 16, 2008
A small pale skinned female, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Most commonly involved in the performing arts
Oh shit Zoe You are such a zinx
by Zinx&Acrombie&Lupin April 01, 2011
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