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a) The act, state, or potential state, of evacuating a scenario and/or state of being.

b) a quasi-null value, containing information leading to a blank or undefined result.
a) Jimmy was up in the joint, but then decided to zinski to the flipsyEEEEd.

b) dang, all my bez are zinskied.

by Alfred D. Zinski March 25, 2003
zinski, coming from the Drool origin, is a word used to say gobye or farwell to a friend of close relations.

yo dawg I'm zinski.
by zinski bitch April 09, 2003
A term describing undesirables from buffalo
Oh man, that dude is pure zinski.
Someone who has never actually been to Buffalo, has never even *heard* a place called Buffalo, and indeed thinks it's a damned stupid name for a place.
"Dude, that guy is *such* a Zinski. I wonder if he wants to go to bed with my attractive sister?"
by zin- skee April 06, 2003

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