Someone who is that incredible that his name is actually a verb. "Zim'd"
Man 1: did you see that, he got Zim'd bad!
Man 2: yeh, wish i was as good as Zim.
by Questy November 20, 2008
A funny guy with a sweet face and loving heart. A Zim will always make your day and tell you you're beautiful in every way and make your heart stop every time he looks at you. A Zim is good at anything he does, even if he doesn't like it.
He's such a Zim.
by girr. January 04, 2010
Short for Zoned In Mode, a state of mind in which a person has reached the ultimate form of concentration and focus on a subject.
1. "Some students find it easier to be in ZIM when they take Adderall."

2. "I've never seen Chris so ZIM, he's not even responding to Skype."
"Yeah man NHS...he's usually ZOM or Zimzomming"
by ShockingRazorRay September 30, 2014
Short form of the country Zimbabwe
Are you from Bots (Botswana)?
No. I am from Zim.
by A Kumirai October 05, 2006
see zimala a silly kind of ditzy,absent minded person.
a zim would take his wet laundry out of the washer, fold it, and then put it in the dryer
by Rqaqcqhqeql December 25, 2008
a scumbag, an overgrown boy with an ever expanding waistline. frequently seen behind a desk pretending to work, hiding onscreen prompts from the video bame he's been trying to beat or at the fast food drive thru. easily manipulated by women (mainly because he can never get a real one)
did you see that zim, he tried to ask me out again.....gross
by lazara October 20, 2010
An abreviation of the slang word 'Zimme'. Used more by real badmanz rather than the more common breed of 'people'.
Malcolm - Nah boss, dat gyal has got BACKOFF!!

DMB - Zim!
by MuzikBoy April 17, 2008
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