A white male who likes to shave his anal hair and then procedes to floss his teeth with it
I totally just ziffed my teeth!!!
#blair #faggot #bitch #ziff #anus
by blair1 December 10, 2006
Top Definition
A word that can be used in place of "as if"
Friend: dude i hooked up with Jessica Alba last night.

You: Ziff, you did not.
#as if #ziff #as #if #zif
by brother levmeister July 15, 2008
A south african word used to describe just about anything or anyone in a good or a bad way
hay ziff, how you doing?

Are you ziffing again?

Look at that ziff, what a ziff!

Bye ziff, see you later!
#ziff #ziffing #zif #zift #ziffed
by theziff September 02, 2008
Totally fucking rad motherfucker.
Ziff is one rad motherfucker.
by Ziff January 19, 2004
Is also cooler than Fou.
Wow, Ziff sure is a lot cooler than Fou.
by Ziff January 21, 2004
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