A sore loser. His winning goal in the 1998 World Cup caused strong anti-immigration fervor in France but now, because France was defeated by Italy, is a hero to those same hypocrites.
Like a true sore loser, Zidane heatbutted Matarazzi because the French can't stand to be defeated.
by Donna D. July 29, 2006
Don't let all those "Zidane is a Genome" losers fool you. Zidane is really a monkey.
Zidane is SUCH a monkey.
by hay thear October 04, 2003
High pinging bastard, scouts me in the head all the time which pisses me off, but glock him and that he doesnt like.
"zidane how did u miss that u laggy git!"
by Not El_Hef...Honest July 15, 2003

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