a soccer player, who headbutted Materazzi in the World Cup Final, and ,incidentally, the first Frenchman in a uniform to attack someone since World War II.

Also a verb, refers to the act of breaking a man's sternum with your own head.
Woah, you better not piss off Zidane.


The reason my ribs are broken is because a kid on another team zidaned me.
by zidaneheader October 05, 2006
the greatest footie player ever! he deeks the shit out of everyone and left with a punch!(or shud i say headbutt)
zidane headbutted materazzi cuz materazzi said he had a sex sandwich wid zidane's mom n daughter then zidane call him mario and headbutted him
by amit tiwari August 20, 2006
To headbutt someone during frustration
Person A: I'm going to fuck your mom if you lose this scoccer game
Person B: *zidanes person a*
by SOB07 April 12, 2007
A variation of 'Shazam!' & exclaimed in the same way when a game turning goal is scored. A way of showing tribute to the great one. Also similar to a pwnt but only used on the field.
Through ball! Through ball!

Cross! Header!!. . . . Zidane!!!
by floW XII November 30, 2006
To head butt someone with extreme force
I will "zidane" you so hard that you will fall to the ground
by ilikepiealot December 02, 2008
1. To lose ones mind at the worst possible time.
2. To be ignorant enough to make a move that gets a spot in the Urban dictionary definition data base.
3. To head-butt a victim in the chest, knocking the wind out of them. For best results, aim for the ribs/heart so they may fall over in pain.
4. To go beserk on the man.
5. To over react on something trivial.
1. Upon losing the election, Howard Dean went Zidane on the winner, cursing him and insulting his mother.
2. He head butted an Italian player, thus making multiple people make entries on Urban Dictionary.
3. Losing his temper, Rich pulled a Zidane into Kevin's chest, breaking two of his ribs and knocking him out cold.
4. Upon losing all of his money and job, Jane went Zidane on the man.
5. I called Brendan a dumb ass after he answered a question wrong about the discoveries of Neils Bohr and he started to Zidane.
by prof. frink July 10, 2006
To headbutt near the end of the FIFA World Cup, causing your team to suffer during penalty kicks, and having the shittiest retirement in the history of soccer.
Italian player: "Blah, blah, blah, YOUR MOM!!"
Zidane: *Headbutt*
Italian player: "You dumbshit, you cost your team the game!"
by pretish July 29, 2006

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