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something only carnivorous meat eaters suffer from (compared to vegans and maybe some forms of stricter vegetarians). Believed to be caused by the high animal fat and cholesterol shock on the body when too much meat is taken into a herbivore's (e.g. human) body.
Man i knew i shouldn't have eaten that #1 at McDonalds after not eating meat for a week. even without the milkshake it was a zero calorie dinner

Although Tom had a zero calorie dinner from chili's, when his blood was taken 20 mins later he still had fat stuck to the test tube like elmers glue from all the animal meat he had eaten.
by DJ Kronkus September 14, 2011
When your dinner passes right through your body, causing the runs, or the shits. Providing your body with no nutrion and zero calories.
Man that steak isn't agreeing with me, looks like I'm having a zero calorie dinner tonight.

I was on the can all night, had a nother zero calorie dinner.
by crowman943 September 12, 2011

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