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Zelifcam began when the bots started coming into Macfilez and TOS'ing people hosting mass mails.

Zelifcam saw the beginings of public Hotline servers and the end of the major mass mailing groups.

Bama had sound-sets and JeUcEGoDd uploaded tons of warez that got forwarded around ceaselessly. Iansane was the coolest guy ever, SyKo can still be found on Hotline and JoLLyRoG thought he was Jolly Roger of h/p/a/v/c notoriety.

The best mass-mailer was Star Warez by Han Solo and OneClick made everyone an ascii artist. We had a prerelease copy of Copland that didn't work at all. After a month or two, MP3 singles started showing up in mass mails.

NextStep was the Elite room where kids would brag that they were on a shell account in another window. By the time I heard about it, it was almost gone.

It wasn't long before everyone knew about Zelifcam and people started Zelifcam1, Zelifcam2, Zelifcam3 and so on, and soon even those rooms filled up.

Then my account got TOS'd.
"-={ STAR WAREZ MASS MAIL v5.0 }=-"
"-={ press "v" to get listed }=-"
by 4no1 August 03, 2004
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A private AOL room
dedicated exclusively to
passing around macintosh software,
and passsing the time.
Yes, we spent time in zelficam, and Local was really really annoying.
by Leon December 09, 2003
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We used to kick it in Zelifcam to get mac files
by xLoCaL June 17, 2003
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