a scrawny looking figure usually mild and humble.
-word meaning to say that face is rotten.
oh my god what happened to your face it´s so zedu
by patrick dentato June 10, 2008
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Top Definition
The absolute gayest of gay. The word comes from a small tick-infested town in Connecticut. (Think Liberaci, Richard Simmons.)

Over-the-top (OTT) of all that is gay. King Gay I
Those tight shorts are going to send a zedus fashion statement.
by Plugg March 08, 2005
The ULTIMATE in homosexual activities. We're not just talking about same-sex fucking, but full-blown costume-wearing, 6-arm freak show of a man. Plenty of hair, blood, feces, and animals are involved with someone who is a zedus. No more detail is needed, use your imagination...
I caught my friend sucking off three guys while pounding a dead dog; he MUST be a zedus!!
by Imappy March 15, 2005

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