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Currently known as the /b/ of RuneScape. In its' prime, it was known as one of the friendliest and funnest clan chats around. It has evolved over the past year or so to what it has become today.
{Rsc} z0mg Nub: Rofl wut my gf g0tz big teets and she w4nts my cawk

{Rsc} aNuddernub: D00de I kn0w, well i got my ex to be my friend but she gives me sum and we dont even luv eachothr, we just have smex and st0ff.

{Rsc} Teddy: My Runecrafting level is 91.

{Rsc} Mrst00pid3: Yar i am 0nly 13 and i aint a vergen. :)

{Rsc} Pk3rk1dz0rz: Pfft, I lost dat whn i wuz li3k 10.

{Rsc} z0mg Nub: 0mg my gf t0ld me she wants to suck my cawk! w00t

{Rsc} Mrst00pid3: Dang man tats nice

{Rsc} aNuddernub: Yeah, my exf just s3nt my s0me pics too!

{Rsc} Teddy: Wtf is this zchat?

{Rsc} Vanhelzing66: Yup. Zchat: The /b/ of RuneScape.
by Vanhelzing66 April 11, 2010
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