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A basic cross between "zany", "pizazz" and "snazzy" to create an adjective suggesting that something is too great to be confined to one word.
"Did you hear about that trip to Holland? Everyone's coming back saying it was completely zazzy!"
by Waltos April 08, 2007
something shiny or flashy.
That's some zazzy silver you got there.
Forget bling, I got zazzy.
by Sac Mars August 28, 2003
Adjective -- Cool, interesting, worthwhile. Something would catch the eye.
Guy: Your room is so much more zazzy than mine.

Girl: Yeah it is. Let's have sex on my zazzy bed.
by KeithWong October 22, 2014
Jazzing up our own lifestyle as a Perfectionist
Her zazzy nature is the reason that made her a leading blogger, loved and followed by others.
by lifestyle blogger January 01, 2014
A brunette girl, who likes a wild adventure such as skydiving or hiking on volcanos.
She is usually tame, but when angered , she reaches a new power spike. (Messing with her sister).
She is also has the power of love, that makes people fall in love with her whether it be in person or over the internet.
Anne: Yo, Vyana where did Zazzy go?
Vyana: I think she is meeting someone we spoke to over teamspeak
Anne: Who?
Joe: nice nice, does he make bank?
Anne: I thought they just met, that's a bit fucked up
Joe: naw man you gotta just do it

Vyana: apparently they been talking for a while
Anne: holy shit that's so overpowered , it's cute. zazzy is getting married?!?
Vyana: maybe so, she would've told me by now
Joe: good luck to zazzy, we need another person in this group
by iannefrank October 19, 2015
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