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a yummy young man with parents of mixed attractiveness
"check out zayne, his dad's a hottie... eww his mum is NOTtie!
by a sexier version of you November 23, 2009
The man who is smart and cute. He is tall and strong and he likes to have fun like playing sports. His hair is very soft and loveable. He can be very patient and likes to take long showers before partying. But when someone is messing with him or his girl he takes action by letting him die using his nuckles. And when the people see him they stop and stare.
"Hey did you see zayne yesterday." "Ya he beat up some people for this girl." "he's hot!" "totaly!"
by number 67 September 25, 2011
An EXTREMELY attracting man/teen. Makes all mouths drop at the amount of sexy fine looks. Men and Women alike cant get enough of his hunk-like body. Very screwable- contains no sexual diseases.
OMG! Look at that Zayne over there.. isnt he the finest youve ever seen.. im almost speachless!
by bB827 December 29, 2008
A beautiful young girl who is calm and collected and let loose at the appropriate times. She's got secrets shed like to share and time she's got to spend. She won't be forever young...
Zayne jumped on her boyfriends back playfully, giggling while so.
by Veveveveveve February 02, 2014
A fag with an earing who has never been kissed and makes shit up about other people to make himself feel better. THE ONLY PLUS is his dick size. Other wise he may be the biggest homo in the world. His whoe family is fucked and his little brothers a cunt. he dates ugly girls and assosiates with fags like matt fahey.
Jake: Your acting like a zayne right now....
Charen: Woah, thats a bit far...
by A swole guy July 12, 2011
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