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The act of starting an assignment the day it was due, and handing it in 5 minutes before the absolute final deadline. The mark however is not reflective of the rush, and always ends up being 100%.

Usually pertaining to Java programming and entails one or more all-nighters. Behavior frequently exhibited by select Grade 11 students.

Dylan: Yo i totally zaven'd my project man.
Zaven: me too!
Teacher (giving back marks): You both got 100%. Congratulations.

Tom: I should start zavening my projects, because i start a month ahead and do steady paced work however do not get 100%.
Zaven: That's the spirit!
by iGotABwner February 20, 2008
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a sexy soccer player
Friend 1: i wish i was zaven

Friend 2: you're short and fat you cant be zaven
by GotLavash November 02, 2011
a short fat chode that tries to be athletic
this fuckin zaven cant touch no rim hes 5-4 240.

ayo look at this zaven it takes him 24 minutes to run a mile.
by Griff July 01, 2004

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