nickname for the elite Quakeworld Teamfortress Player
Zarzob a.k.a belth.
Teammate alongside Wolverine for both TNA] and ]ap]>.
]ap]>.Wolverine. dropped the Enemy Flag
]ap]>.zarzob. Got the Enemy Flag!
]ap]>.zarzob. you're supposed to THROW the grenade!
]ap]>.zarzob. Captured the enemy flag.
.SK. CleeTisgay Becomes bored with life
]ap]>.zarzob.: teamwork
by rajizzle July 14, 2006
Top Definition
A South African zef (ghetto) term meaning extremely horny/liable to fuck just about anything. Especially applicable to females, and even more if that female is very attractive.

Also can be spelled "jars" and sometimes "chars" by the less literate.
girl one: Wow! the club sure was pumping tonight..

girl two: Oh god I know, all that heavy dancing makes me heavy zars..
by tokoloshe February 15, 2012
The Romanian word for the liquid which gets separated from milk after coagulation, when preparing cheese.

It is also commonly used for swearing and other methaphores, referring to semen/sperm.
Sa-mi bei zarul. (Drink my zar)
Zaru' matii. (Your mother's zar)
Mai este zar? (Is there any zar left?)
by zararu May 31, 2008
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