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3 definitions by tokoloshe

South African zef term for someone or something that is lame, stupid, retarded, or just generally sucky to the max. Can be used as both a noun and an adjective.
You fokken dwankie.

The world has gone totally dwankie.

That was dwankie, this was dwankie, he's dwankie/ a dwankie, etc...
by tokoloshe February 15, 2012
Primarily South African (especially Capetown) slang for a popular hood drink; Brandy and Coke.
guy one: sup my bru? what'd you do yesterday?

guy two: eh, nothing, just sat on the back of my grandaddy's Jalopy heavy dosing some good old Vitamin B&C.

guy one: lekker.
by tokoloshe February 15, 2012
A South African zef (ghetto) term meaning extremely horny/liable to fuck just about anything. Especially applicable to females, and even more if that female is very attractive.

Also can be spelled "jars" and sometimes "chars" by the less literate.
girl one: Wow! the club sure was pumping tonight..

girl two: Oh god I know, all that heavy dancing makes me heavy zars..
by tokoloshe February 15, 2012