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to tell a bad story, it may not be a story just a fragment of you life. zarrillis are usually funny to the person telling the story but not to the listeners.
This is a recent zarrilli i heard...

story teller: "yo my brother chris was looking for his shoes in the trunk and he almost found the hoodies that he is getting for x-mas"

listener: "dude that story sucked"

story teller: "giggle, giggle. shut-up! (in a high pitched voice)"
by Edward van Steenwyk January 22, 2008
to tell a story with no apparent meaning and is not funny in any way
i was telling a story and at the end my friends started chanting "good story nate, tell it again..." i was very embarrassed because i realized my story was a zarrilli
by KaReeMUH parKer January 22, 2008

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